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Harsh Lock 3.3 tie to the back arrow * please note Standard Safety slides will not fit (.350 in diameter shaft)


*PLEASE BE AWARE * there,may be some delays from immediate shipment as we accommodate demand

All new three barb version of our  Patented, positive lock arrow, designed for a quick release that will not accidentally release a fish. Totally in a class of their own, these arrows sport the fastest release and reset on the market. Harsh Locks  do not twist release like a Sting A Ree, or Mayhem type tip , it is an entirely different mechanism- also differing from the other types of releases where you have to unscrew the replaceable tip to release, this one is much easier and faster. No messy hands, or problems releasing the tip when not entirely impaling thru the fish.  Harsh Lock Arrows are carefully engineered to be versatile, tough, shoot deeper and with more energy for optimal penetration holding power and also come standard equipped with our very own, bowfishing tough, replaceable push in nocks that allow  for placement of a lithium led within  for a lighted nock, if so desired!